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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Clever Warzone player shows off genius way to easily take down Juggernauts

Bumping into a Juggernaut unprepared can quickly spell the end of your game, but one Warzone player has found a genius way of putting them down.



Juggernaut holding minigun

We’ve all been caught off-guard by a Juggernaut in Warzone at least once. But one smart player has discovered an amazing way to combat them with the right class and very little risk.

There’s plenty of killstreaks and field upgrades scattered around Verdansk to help you gain the upper hand over the rest of the Warzone lobby. One of the rarest but most powerful options is the Juggernaut suit, which offers huge amounts of protection from enemy fire.

These walking tanks can be very tough to kill thanks to their crazy amount of armour and powerful minigun primed to shred anyone who dares try and take them down. But one clever player has uncovered a method that might just shift the balance in the other direction.

Juggernaut firing minigun in Warzone

Reddit user LordTexugo showed off their creative way of taking down a Juggernaut without taking any damage. Armed with a FAL and FMJ rounds, the video shows that the player had managed to lead the Juggernaut into a building.

Combining the powerful FAL, FMJ, and the fact that the enemy can be marked clearly on the HUD when wearing the suit, they were able to deal a ton of damage through walls and stairs.

They were constantly moving to make sure there was always a surface between them and the Juggernaut. The enemy had little choice but to flee upstairs into the building, but LordTexugo could still land plenty of shots through the floor.

It didn’t take long for them to secure the Wall Bang kill, with the enemy player never even landing a hit. Although is it an unusual technique, it doesn’t appear to break any rules, so it is unlikely to be looked at by Raven.

The video has proved popular among fans, who welcomed a helpful way to get around these powerful enemies. “Reporting you for bullying that poor Juggernaut. He had no clue what … was going on lol,” said one fan. “Actually really smart. Nice job!” added another.

Juggernauts are a relatively rare sight in Warzone these days, so players may not want to run an entire loadout specifically to deal with them. But it might be worth bearing this method in mind, especially paired with Combat Scout, the next time you run into one in a built-up area.

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Image credits: Activision