Warzone Tactical Rifle Charlie (AUG) receives major buffs in September 15 update

Hamza Khalid
Warzone Tactical Rifle Charlie

The September 15 update brought nerfs to various popular Warzone weapons, but the Tactical Rifle Charlie (AUG) received a major buff that has made it even deadlier.

A week after the Season 5 Reloaded patch went live, Raven Software introduced a new update on September 15 that brought some significant changes to many of Warzone’s best weapons.

Weapons like the OTs 9,  Krig 6, and Stoner 63 received noticeable nerfs, but a few weapons were given buffs.

The AUG Warzone Tactical Rifle Charlie was given a significant boost in the update, making it more viable.

AUG Tactical Rifle in Warzone Gunsmith Preview

The September 15 Warzone update brought buffs to the Warzone Tactical Rifle Charlie (AUG) and its attachments. The weapon’s recoil was slightly decreased, allowing for greater precision when aiming down sights.

The 18” Rapid Fire and 17” Titanium attachments for the Warzone Tactical Rifle Charlie were also buffed, with the fire rate increased by 1% each. This ensures that you can use these attachments to dish out damage for longer durations.

While these may seem like minor changes, they actually have a fairly big impact on the weapon’s overall performance in combat.

Warzone operator holding the Aug

It’s important to know the fire rate of a Warzone weapon as it can determine its chances of success during an intense combat situation where you need to make every shot count. So, these buffs make a big difference.

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With these updates, you’ll be able to use the Warzone Tactical Rifle Charlie to fire several bursts quickly, absolutely decimating your enemies in seconds. This makes the weapon a perfect choice for medium-range combat.

It remains to be seen if these changes to the AUG will see it return to the top of the Warzone meta like it was a few months ago, where it was a truly dominating force. With the AUG meta not being a favorite for many players, it is unlikely that these changes will make it that powerful but will at least help be more competitive in battles.

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