Warzone Season 5 cinematic shows classic villains return & Caldera volcano eruption

Liam Mackay
Menendez in Black Ops 2

Warzone Pacific Season 5 is almost here, and the devs dropped the intro cinematic for the new season. The brand-new cutscene shows some classic Call of Duty villains teaming up and Caldera’s volcano erupting.

After over two years of Warzone, CoD’s battle royale is moving on to pastures new when Modern Warfare 2 drops later this year. Season 5 is set to arrive on Wednesday, August 24, and it appears Raven Software are going all out ahead of Warzone 2’s launch.

The devs dropped the season’s intro cinematic on August 18, and alongside showing off the new weapons (which look suspiciously like the F2000 and EM1), we’ve got a good look at the classic Call of Duty villains returning as well as what appears to be Caldera’s volcano erupting.

The Season 5 cinematic shows four classic Call of Duty villains sitting in a helicopter like they’re about to drop into a match of Warzone.

Anyone who’s stayed on top of the leaks should have a fair idea of who the new villains are, as they were leaked in the Season 4 Reloaded’s game files. The returning villains are Modern Warfare’s Al-Asad, Black Ops 2’s Menendez, Ghosts’ Rorke, and Black Ops 3 and 4’s Seraph.

Claiming they were all “robbed” of power, these villains are teaming up to take down the heroes who underestimated “how dangerous” they are. Their dastardly plan remains to be seen, but the cinematic shows them dropping something into a bubbling, active volcano on what appears to be Caldera. The action then cuts to this volcano erupting with Vanguard Operators looking on in horror.

It’s highly possible that the dormant volcano in the middle of Caldera will finally erupt in Season 5, which will be the last Vanguard and Warzone season ahead of Modern Warfare 2’s October 28 release.

Season 5 could spell the end of Caldera as we know it before the game moves on to Warzone 2 and its new map, which has a leaked release date of November 16.

Image Credit: Activision

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