Warzone Season 3 brings major Double XP token change

Matt Porter
Warzone character with a DOuble XP logo

Warzone Season 3 is full of major quality of life improvements for Call of Duty fans, and one of the biggest updates see Double XP tokens available for use during games. 

Raven Software and the teams behind blockbuster battle royale Warzone have been hard at work improving the game in 2022. In Season 2, the devs focused on quality of life changes such as Armor filling full plates before damaged ones, or a fix to Gas Masks interrupting players aiming down sights. 

Next on the list of changes that will make life easier for players are Double XP tokens, with Raven now allowing players to activate them during matches, rather than being forced to wait until the pre-game lobby. 

Warzone players shooting at enemies

In a pre-Season 3 interview with CharlieIntel, Raven’s Senior Creative Director Ted Timmins called the change one of his personal favorites in this patch and explained how useful it would be for Warzone players. 

“You can actually now use Double XP tokens from the in-game menu,” he stated. “Have you ever had that feeling where you’re in a game and you think; ‘Aw man, why didn’t I equip a Double XP token?’”

Thankfully, that feeling will cease to exist from now on, with players able to open their pause menu and equip it whenever they want. Having a crazy game with plenty of kills? Make the most of it by turning on Double XP and make sure you’re ranking up your Season 3 Battle Pass and new weapons as quickly as possible. 

Warzone player firing PPSH-41

While this may not be a headline addition to the game like Godzilla and King Kong, changes like this can instantly improve the game, and make the playing experience seamless and enjoyable. This change is available in the Warzone Season 3 patch

Warzone players have plenty of content to sink their teeth into this season, with Caldera map changes, major weapon balancing to Sniper Rifles, and of course, the highly-anticipated Operation Monarch LTM

Image Credits: Raven Software

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