Warzone Rebirth Island vehicles return with “invisible wall” glitch

Hamza Khalid
Warzone Operator running next to a truck

Warzone’s April 13 update saw vehicles reintroduced on Rebirth Island, but players have already encountered a new “invisible wall” glitch affecting the Payload playlist.

Warzone Pacific players were able to use a strange glitch to enter Golden Vaults before they officially opened, causing Raven Software to remove all vehicles from Rebirth Island in response.

Vehicles were added back to the map as part of the April 13 Warzone update, and players soon began to notice a strange glitch that arrived with them, creating invisible walls on trucks.

Armored Transport Truck Warzone Season 2

Warzone Pacific players were eager to jump into the Payload playlist after the April 13 update brought vehicles back to Rebirth Island. This mode involves trucks that players can use to move an objective to its destination.

However, players soon discovered an invisible wall glitch that was causing problems. Reddit user ‘I_Was_Fox’ highlighted this glitch in a clip shared in the Warzone subreddit. It shows the player’s shots not registering or showing any sort of hit marker.

The Redditor fired several shots at an enemy while sitting on the back of a vehicle, only for the bullets to hit an invisible wall on the side of the truck while creating a blue effect through their scope.

I_Was_Fox also went on foot to try shooting at an enemy on the back of a truck, only for the same problem to happen. They fired multiple shots at their opponents and the game didn’t show a hit marker.

One commenter claimed that this isn’t a new glitch as they’ve seen it in Verdansk as well. The user wrote: “There was an invisible wall on trucks when Payload was on Verdansk. Maybe it is still there.”

Another user shared their experience with this glitch: “Only time my shots don’t hit is either when I’m in the truck like OP or shooting at the truck at that level. Never bothered to fix it before dumping it on Rebirth.”

When the developers introduce update patches to Warzone, they sometimes result in a few bugs and glitches that cause problems. Hopefully, Raven Software will address this issue before Warzone Season 3 goes live.

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Image credits: Raven Software

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