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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone player glitches inside Rebirth Island’s Golden Vault for early access

A Warzone player has figured out how to glitch inside Rebirth Island’s Golden Vaults before the Community Challenge opens them up.



Rebirth Island Golden Vault Warzone

The Rebirth Reinforced Event brought Community Challenges to Warzone and it seems one player has figured out how to glitch into a Golden Vault before they’ve opened up.

The Season 2 Reloaded update brought several major changes to Rebirth Island including altering the map’s POIs. The updated version of Rebirth Island has gone down well with players and most seem to be enjoying the revamp.

Warzone players quickly noticed the inclusion of several Golden Vaults that popped up across the island. Although the doors of said Golden Vaults remain closed until further notice, one Warzone player was able to glitch their way inside earlier than anticipated.

Rebirth Reinforced Community Challenge #4

Warzone Rebirth Island vault location 1

The Season 2 Reloaded update kicked off the Rebirth Reinforced Event, which tasked players with completing Community Challenges. The completion of each challenge unlocks a new Rebirth Island mechanic like Weapon Trade Stations and Communications Towers.

The fourth and final Community Challenge asks players to “gather a combined $40 Trillion in Blood Money on Rebirth Island to unlock the Golden Vault Mystery and earn 100k XP.”

The vaults are a callback to the hidden bunkers that were scattered across Verdansk and Warzone players have been eager to get a peek at the valuable items beyond the door.

Despite Warzone players not meeting the requirement as of April 8, BobNetworkUK took to Twitter to share a clip of them bypassing the locked door and glitching inside the Golden Vault.

Warzone glitch allows early access to Golden Vaults

Thanks to the help of a teammate and the vehicle seen in the video, the player manages to glitch through the door. The clip clearly shows the teammate using the vehicle to fling the player right through the massive locked door.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Warzone vehicles involved in crazy glitches that break the confines of the battle royale. However, it seems the player had no way out of the Golden Vault making the expedition pointless.

The glitch offers a one-way ticket to valuable loot but traps players inside ultimately rendering the prized possessions useless. To find out if any hidden secrets await beyond the doors, players will have to complete Community Challenge #4.

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Image Credit: Activision