Warzone players want major nerfs to powerful Kar98k ‘Sniper Rifle’

Andrew Highton
cod warzone kar98k

Fans of Call of Duty: Warzone believe the time has come for Raven Software to nerf the Kar98k in Season 3, and make all Sniper Rifles viable again.

There’s an argument that Season 3 of CoD: Warzone is possibly the most important in the game’s history. Aside from the obvious difference of Verdansk going back to 1984 and introducing Array, Summit, and many other cool new POIs, Season 3 has felt like the most balanced one ever in terms of its meta.

For the first time in a long time, possibly forever, Warzone doesn’t feel like it has any discernible meta that players can cling to. Each day a popular YouTuber releases a new video citing reasons as to why “X weapon” could be the new “meta.” Yet, there doesn’t seem to be one weapon found in most Warzone loadouts – aside from the Kar98k.

cod warzone kar98k sniper rifle

The one gun that seems to be continually overlooked by Raven Software is the Kar98k, a Marksman Rifle disguised as a Sniper Rifle.

As Reddit user s197torchred says, “Why slower firing, slower ADSing, lower mobility, higher flinching, high caliber Sniper Rifles have lower body shot damage than the Kar98k makes zero sense. Realism wise and game balance-wise.”

It’s true that the Kar98k is technically the best Rifle in the game. By applying a Sniper Scope to it, most players tend to wield an unstoppable Sniper Rifle that renders the HDR, LW3, ZRG 20mm, or anything else obsolete in at least area of efficiency.

The top comment on the thread says, “Kar98 is lowkey way too good and needs a nerf,” whereas another user says, “I’d swap the body shot values from the higher caliber snipers. So now the AX-50/HDR/ZRG-20mm can two-shot to the chest and the Kar98k user will be a 3 shot chest. They will have to be more precise with headshots.”

It does feel like the Kar98k is the final piece of the jigsaw, and once its strengths are looked at, we could easily see games of Warzone with many different Assault Rifles, SMGS, and Sniper Rifles, etc.

Whilst it’s still meta, make sure to check out our top Kar98k loadout for Warzone Season 3.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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