Warzone players upset as popular Iron Trials LTM is removed

iron trials gameplay

The Iron Trials LTM is no longer in Warzone as Raven Software’s newest update has removed it as a playlist option.

Most players who took part in the Iron Trials LTM would probably agree that it was a breath of fresh air compared to Warzone’s other leading modes – battle royale and Rebirth Island.

Taking the conventional Warzone game mode and turning it on its head and giving it a shake-up, the Iron Trials added a thick layer of difficulty onto Verdansk and it was well-received by players.

However, Raven Software has decided to remove the Iron Trials from selection, and this decision has upset many Warzone players.

player sneaking up on another player in warzone

Increased Buy Station prices, no free Loadouts, fewer vehicles, and no Stopping Power or Dead Silence were all big reasons as to what made Iron Trials so endearing.

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But whilst fresh content was being announced for Cold War and Warzone in the form of a Season 6 Roadmap, other content was being removed.

An amusing meme anchored a post regarding the removal of Iron Trials, on the official Warzone subreddit, and many players aired their disappointment.

Here is a selection of comments regarding its removal:

  • “They need to make it an permanent mode… It got so much positive feedback” – TobiasKing12
  • “Yea man I agree. The combat was way more enjoyable in iron trials.” – Roooffuss
  • “They should just apply the higher TTK to the regular br modes. I don’t know with the loadout, enjoyed it anyway. Having actually gun fights, time to react, just seemed more fair, rewarding and fun overall.” – Such-Result422
  • “People who dislike Iron Trails are trashcans who camp in Verdansk, unless you just like the fast ttk then that’s acceptable.”

Raven Software hasn’t commented on the removal of the Iron Trials LTM, but given how popular it was, and the fact that custom lobbies were being teased by the devs, we have probably not seen the last of it.

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Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software