Warzone players slam new Gulag design after Season 3 update

Luca Di Marzo
The Hold Gulag Warzone Season 3

The Warzone Season 3 update brought a new Gulag called the Hold to the battle royale, but players are not pleased with the “dark” and “campy” design.

Each time Warzone’s Gulag changes, players are forced to adapt to the new setting. The thrill of discovering the new battleground is often an exciting time, but after the Season 3 update, players have been quick to voice their displeasure with the Hold’s design.

The design of a Gulag is a defining factor of a Warzone Season as players will likely be stuck with it for a considerable time. Unfortunately, the early sentiment amongst players is one of annoyance with the current iteration of the Gulag.

The Hold Gulag Warzone Season 3

The Gulag is one of Warzone‘s most important locations as players fight for the chance to redeploy, and there’s a lot on the line as players attempt to win their 1 vs 1 gunfight. However, according to players, the Hold is simply too big, campy, and dark of a Gulag.

A discussion concerning the new Gulag from the Warzone subreddit is full of comments that agree with the initial statement of the post below.

The player explains that his major complaint with the new Gulag is that “it is so campy, way too big with too many nooks and cranny’s for people to sit in.”

They also explain how the dark lighting isn’t ideal given how many Operators can blend into the background of the massive Gulag area. Players in the comments seem to agree and add that “people will simply sit still until you sprint or walk by, there are not enough lines of sight.”

It seems the long and narrow design of the Gulag is not sitting right with players as they believe it promotes a slow playstyle.

In addition, players were also frustrated with the footstep audio from those waiting above the Gulag. This has been a long-standing point of contention for players, but as top Warzone player Isaac ‘IceManIsaac’ Hamilton points out, this issue will likely be resolved soon.

The Warzone expert took to Twitter to gather opinions on the new Gulag. While the poll revealed that the majority of players believe the Gulag is either “Below Average” or “Horrible”, the top player concluded that some changes could make it better.

They explain that the new audio system arriving later in Season 3 should relieve most issues with player footsteps that are heightened due to the short lines of sight in the Gulag.

We’ll have to wait and see if this change will improve the Season 3 Gulag, but for now, players will have to focus on mastering the new setting.

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Image Credit: Activision