Warzone players furious with unwanted change from April 19 update

Warzone Operator with self revive symbol

Despite not being a major update, the April 19 patch for Warzone Pacific brought an unwanted change that some in the community are furious about.

As well as your standard bug fixes, the April 19th update brought some pretty big changes to the battle royale. With the Death and Taxes LTM now gone, players will be dropping into Caldera expecting a familiar experience.

Having said that, the update has not just merged Vanguard Royale and the standard Battle Royale, it has also brought some guaranteed events to the game that haven’t gone down well with players.

Warzone Pacific Caldera Airfield drop spot

Following the April 19 update, Warzone players can now expect to get both a Restock and Fire Sale after the fourth Circle. For those that don’t know, Fire Sale offers discounted items at Buy Stations and also allows players to get a free Self Revive.

The devs reasoning for this in the patch notes was as follows: “Having mid-game events help players restock their inventory and give players improved looting opportunities in the mid-to-late game, especially if returning from the Gulag.”

While this may seem like an innocent change, some players aren’t happy about it, as it means most players in the lobby will have a self revive after the fourth circle.

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Reddit user Mrheadshot0 shared their opinion on this change, stating “Why do we need to give every player a self revive in 4th circle tho? Lol I don’t understand why the fire sales have to happen every game.”

Ultimately, they’re not saying that they don’t like the Self Revive mechanic, as they state that they enjoy the mystery of not knowing if someone has one or not. They now feel that it will be “obvious” that players will most likely have one after the fourth zone.

They aren’t the only ones who feel this way either, as other comments are in agreement: “It was horrific playing Vanguard Royale purely for the 4th round advanced UAV spam… Why do they bring back objectively bad experiences when they know players don’t like them?”

We’ll have to wait and see how it goes but as we know from the reverted Loadout Drop changes, the devs are open to tweaks.

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Image Credits: Activision