Warzone players furious with Double Barrel “nerf” as Shotguns continue to wreak havoc

Luca Di Marzo
Double Barrel Nerf Warzone

Since receiving a nerf on January 7, Warzone players are still getting wiped off the map by the notorious Double Barrel Shotguns. The destructive weapons are infuriating players as they demand a second nerf.

Vanguard’s Akimbo Double Barrel Shotguns have been the most controversial weapon in Warzone over the past month or so. Not only do they down and kill players in seconds but players have been abusing their incredible damage range.

Raven Software nerfed the Shotguns on January 7 by decreasing movement speed and making changes to the Damage Multiplier, Range Multiplier, and Hip Spread but players have yet to notice a difference in how dominant this weapon is across Warzone Pacific.

IceManIsaac Double Barrel stats

This is far from the first time an overpowered weapon has failed to reach a balanced state with just one patch as players will recall the DMR staved off a couple of nerfs to maintain its viability. Several Reddit posts have addressed the need to hit the Double Barrel Shotgun with another nerf.

One video showcases that Raven’s supposed nerf to damage range that was expected to cripple the weapon hasn’t hampered it as much as players were led to believe.

As you can see, the player has no trouble with an instantaneous team wipe. These Shotguns were meant to maintain their killing power at close range but the quick kills occur at a considerable distance which leads to the tongue-in-cheek title of the post, “I think the double barrels may need another “incremental” adjustment”.

Of course, players were quick to point out that Shotguns are always going to do well on Rebirth Island and that the nerf has had more of an impact in Caldera where it’s difficult to take Shotguns into wide-open areas, “They useless in caldera”.

Vanguard’s Double Barell Akimbo Shotguns simply pack too much group eliminating potential at medium-range. As you can see in the video, groups of three are completely powerless against the Shotguns, dying before they can get a single shot off.

The Double Barrel Shotgun may very well join the small list of overpowered weapons that required more than one nerf to ease the minds of Warzone players.

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Image Credits: Raven Software / Sledgehammer Games / IceManIsaac