Warzone players explain why Operation Flashback LTM is “the best mode ever”

verdansk bunker and nakatomi plaza

The release of Vanguard is set to bring about the new era of Warzone with the Caldera map, but it will also signal the end of Verdansk. The Operation Flashback LTM is a celebration of some of Verdansk’s finer moments, and players are really enjoying it.

Call of Duty: Warzone has had a huge impact on gaming since its release, with the free-to-play shooter consistently rivaling Fortnite and Apex Legends.

Since its release on March 10, 2020, Warzone’s fictional map of Verdansk has undergone numerous cosmetic changes, some of which have majorly toyed around with the game’s match-to-match happenings.

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As one last hurrah before Verdansk is gone forever and replaced by Caldera in Warzone Pacific, the Operation Flashback LTM brings back some classic gameplay elements.

players fighting near fallen satellites in verdansk

It’s rare for an LTM to be thoroughly enjoyed by the majority of the CoD community, but this currently seems to be the case with Operation Flashback.

A Reddit user on the Warzone subreddit said: “Can we talk about Operation Flashback?” and they listed its key changes: Modern Warfare floor loot, Bunkers, Keycards, and Nakatomi Vault.

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They continued: “This mode is complete randomness and the most fun I’ve had in this game for a while. I don’t really participate in the new events within the game with each zone, but I still find it highly enjoyable. It makes me wonder why they haven’t done something like this sooner.”

Bunkers were a huge deal for Warzone at one point, and the Nakatomi Vault was a hugely-popular location to try and enter in the Nakatomi Plaza POI introduced in Warzone Season 3.

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Not only this, but Operation Flashback has a variety of weird and wonderful scenarios that can happen with each circle collapse, including the usual array of Public Events to Satellites crashing to Juggernaut crates to even the Specialist Token.

DeltaXray even said: “This is the best mode they’ve ever had. Absolute chaos. Always something happening. Honestly, if they kept this mode on it would really reinvigorate my interest in it. Just so much fun.”

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With the Season 1 launch of Vanguard and Warzone delayed, it could mean that players will get to enjoy and experience Operation Flashback for longer.

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Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software