Warzone players discover Armored SUV can rocket boost and chaos ensues

Joseph Pascoulis
armored suv in warzone

Warzone Pacific players are causing chaos in Season 5 after they discovered that Armored SUVs can rocket boost across the map.

While Warzone Pacific Season 5 introduced a bunch of new content such as the RA 225 and the Umbrella Academy skins, some players have actually noticed a new mechanic with one of the vehicles.

The vehicle in question is Warzone’s Armored SUV, which was introduced back in Pacific Season 4. Now, in Season 5, players have discovered a new trick with the vehicle, which is sending players flying all over the map, surprising many in the community.

Some posts about the Armored SUV’s rocket boost mechanic were put up in the Warzone subreddit, and the community is seemingly confused, having no idea that this was even a thing.

User Ballen101 put a video up of the Warzone Armored SUV’s “Rocket Boost,” saying that they had no idea that “this was a thing.” After placing the vehicle at an angle on Fortune’s Keep, the player uses the Armored SUV’s boost to send them flying.

Not only did this player not know that this was possible, but many in the comments are also similarly baffled. One comment reads, “? That’s a real thing they added?? What the f***.”

Another user also posted a similar clip with the caption “did anyone else know the armor truck had boost rockets?”

This show that the Armored SUV’s boost mechanic was unknown by many in the community, with comments in this post also expressing surprise, “WHAT THE ACTUAL F**K!”

Now that you know, go ahead and try it in-game, as it could make for a great highlight reel or just some fun to blow off steam.

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Image Credits: Activision

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