Warzone players claim Season 3’s Sabotage Contract is ruining Solos

Liam Mackay
Warzone player fighting Armored Truck

The Big Bertha trucks were an extremely powerful tool back in Verdansk’s Solos mode, and players feel an old problem has returned with a vengeance thanks to Season 3’s new Sabotage Contract.

The ‘Big Bertha’ Cargo Truck has long been a powerful tool in Call of Duty: Warzone, allowing the driver to almost entirely escape from harm thanks to its huge health bar and almost bullet-proof cab. This became a problem in Solos where the endgame would be made up almost entirely of players in Big Berthas.

Raven Software reduced the truck’s spawn rate back in May last year, but players feel that the problem has returned with Season 3’s new Sabotage Contract.

Players riding Armored Truck in Warzone

Warzone Season 3’s new Sabotage Contract tasks players with hunting down and destroying a random vehicle on the map. Players who successfully destroy the vehicle will be rewarded with an Armored Truck.

These Armored Trucks arrived with the Armored Royale LTM and have extra health and a mounted turret on top of the cabin. These are tough to destroy, especially for a solo player.

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Players feel that they’re “overpowered” in Solos, and the way that players can instantly switch between the cab and the turret makes them “almost invincible.”

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Reddit user Loserkid83 took to the Warzone subreddit to make the case against the Sabotage Contract’s Armored Trucks, saying that “it took them forever to cut back on the Berthas in solos and now we have Berthas with a no-recoil LMG attached to it.”

“They need to remove these from solos,” said maybe-yeah. “Way too OP especially in Caldera where every final few circles are out in the open.”

Other users brought up that it doesn’t just have more health, but players can also buy Munitions Boxes and Armor Boxes from it. “Remove them, Raven,” implored Nintendo_Pro_03. “And then replace them with helicopters or any reward.”

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Image Credit: Activision

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