Warzone players claim Bayonet attachment is broken

warzone operator with bayonet

Despite not being a very popular attachment choice in Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded, players may want to give the Bayonet a try as players claim it’s currently “broken.”

Warzone Pacific Season 2 recently got an update that brought the Bizon back into the meta after buffing its damage. Much like the Bizon prior to the buff, the Bayonet isn’t a very popular attachment choice, but players may want to rethink that.

There are plenty of good Underbarrel attachments for weapons that can really enhance their performance, but what about being able to one hit somebody with a Bayonet?

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warzone ak47 with bayonet

Usually, to down or eliminate a player with full health and shield in Warzone you only need to hit them twice.

Reddit user PadThai42 put a clip of them getting absolutely annihilated by a Bayonet knife while playing on Rebirth Island in what seems like one hit, leading to them calling it “broken.”

The player even claims that the Bayonet is even more broken than the FR 5.56 Underbarrel Shotgun attachment, which was also known for its one-shot potential at a surprisingly long distance.

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Others in the comments also agree that the clip is pretty suspicious, believing that the attachment might actually be broken. One comment states: “Armor Break and then down I can somewhat understand. But insta down/kill? Holy S*** that’s broken.”

There is a contrast in opinion, however, as some others in the comments feel that the fast kill was justified: “He was right next to you and hit it, doesn’t look like he was ten meters away and got it.”

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Because the player with the Bayonet didn’t lunge a ridiculous amount and was rather right up close to the player, some feel that it is fair that they were able to eliminate the player so quickly.

Whether it’s overpowered or not is unclear, but the clip does show the Bayonet killing a player with full health and shields awfully quickly. Perhaps players should give it a go and see for themselves.

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Image Credits: Activision