Warzone players call for ranked mode like Apex Legends

Matt Porter
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Call of Duty: Warzone is arguably the most popular battle royale in the world, but players who regularly drop into Verdansk are calling on Raven Software to steal an idea from rival title Apex Legends.

Lots of multiplayer games will use ranked modes to let players see how they stack up against other players of similar quality. In battle royales though, ranked modes are a little rarer, with high player counts in matches making it difficult to judge player’s skills, and hard to create lobbies of competitors at similar levels.

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One battle royale which has successfully achieved this though is Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends. The game’s Ranked Leagues give players the opportunity to truly test their mettle, placing them in divisions from Bronze up to Apex Predators, based on final placements and in-game performance.

Now, Warzone players are asking Raven Software to implement something similar, with NRG’s AverageJoeWo leading the calls for a ranked mode in their battle royale.

Apex Legends Ranked divisions

In a tweet from AverageJoeWo, the content creator said: “A ranked mode in Warzone would actually be kind of lit and something to grind for. Looking at Apex Legends with Predators, and the badges you get would be fire if Warzone implemented that with calling cards, emblems, skins, etc.”

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The responses to the tweet were extremely positive, with Warzone fans arguing that it wouldn’t be difficult to implement. With CoD games like Warzone using skill-based matchmaking to create lobbies in the background, they already have a system in place to group together players of similar abilities.

Black Ops Cold War and a number of other CoD titles have included League Play in multiplayer, so it’s also a system that they have introduced on a smaller scale, meaning they already have the foundations of Ranked Play, and in theory would only need to adjust them to work for Warzone.

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There was some concern from players about how it would work in practice though. It’s no secret that Warzone has had issues with cheating in the past, and many who replied to the tweet argued that without effective anti-cheat, the mode would end up overrun by players using hacks to gain unfair advantages.

While Raven have banned over 500,000 accounts in an attempt to stamp out cheating, the game’s lack of anti-cheat combined with the fact it’s free-to-play means hacking remains a major issue for players, and is something the devs would have to work on if a true ranked mode was introduced.

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Whether Raven would ever consider adding a ranked playlist to Warzone remains to be seen, but it’s clear that players would like a chance to earn ranks and cosmetic rewards based on their performances.

Image Credits: Raven Software / Treyarch / Respawn Entertainment

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