Warzone players call for major nerf to Assault Rifles

Park Firing the Fara 83 in Warzone

You can use Assault Rifles to dish out a ton of damage in Warzone, but various players feel that this weapon class tends to outperform the others and are calling for a major nerf.

Assault Rifles go-to weapons for the majority of Warzone players due to their versatility. They’re extremely capable during medium and long-range combat, and you can build them any way you like through the Gunsmith system.

The Season 4 Reloaded update nerfed the majority of ARs while giving buffs to others. However, some players feel that these weapons overshadow all other classes and are asking the devs for a major nerf.

The CR-56 AMAX being fired

Reddit user GioRoggia brought up this topic in the Warzone subreddit. They discussed why ARs tend to perform similarly or slightly better than other weapon classes such as LMGs.

They have superior mobility along with better ADS times, and the Redditor attributed this to the low recoil and large magazine sizes. These make picking a semi-auto or burst weapon seem far less favorable.

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“I believe non-auto guns in this game deserve more love,” wrote the user. “And that should begin by making auto ARs less effective in longer ranges by adding more recoil and possibly reducing magazine sizes.”

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The commenters on the discussion were divided about what approach the Warzone devs should use for balancing ARs, with some suggesting changes to the reload speed. However, most agreed that these weapons do need updates.

“Absolutely agreed,” wrote one user. “Pretty much all rifles need more recoil, and more importantly, more complex recoil patterns. The Amax might have had ‘high’ recoil, but it was still a straight up pattern so it was still very easy to control even at range.”

The developers are always bringing changes to Warzone’s weapons, so we might see Assault Rifles receive another nerf soon enough. Also, check out our tips and tricks for winning Warzone’s Payload mode or how to get the new Thrust Engine weapon blueprint.

Image credits: Activision