Warzone players beg for nerfs to game-breaking Akimbo Double Barrel Shotguns

Liam Mackay
akimbo double barrel shotguns in Warzone Pacific

Vanguard’s Double Barrel Shotguns have been dominating Warzone Pacific Caldera and Rebirth Island and frustrated players are begging for Raven Software to nerf them once and for all.

Shotguns have come and gone from Warzone’s meta over its seasons, ranging from broken to completely useless. Vanguard’s Shotguns arrived in Warzone with the Pacific update, and now that players have had time to use them, they’re taking over.

Warzone’s subreddit has been ablaze with complaints about the Double Barrel Shotguns, and others have found an Einhorn Revolving loadout that’s potentially even more broken. Frustrated with the Shotguns breaking the game, players are begging Raven Software for nerfs.

Double Barrel Shotgun in CoD Warzone

While the Bren and Cooper Carbine have been dominating the long-range meta, players have noticed that Shotguns are incredibly powerful at close-range – especially on the confines of Rebirth Island.

With their huge damage radius, it’s impossible to survive having these Shotguns in your face. Because of this, social media has been full of complaints.

Using the Shotguns themself, Reddit user IamEclipse posted a clip saying “just in case you didn’t think the akimbo double barrels are completely broken,” in which we can see them obliterate three enemies in one shot.

While extremely powerful, most players are taking issue with the fact that you don’t need to aim for the Double Barrels to be effective. In another clip, we can see ‘TMSharkie’ effortlessly down an enemy off of a ladder from a good 10 meters away.

All of these clips are leading to players begging for Raven Software to nerf them into the ground. In a blunt post that received over 1.6k upvotes, ‘vNoctxrnal-‘ said “F**k the akimbo double barrel shotguns. I hope they get Thanos snapped straight to the shadowrealm.”

The majority of Warzone’s developers have been on leave over the holidays, so there should be a major balance patch in the coming weeks.

We also expect Raven Software to fix the pay-to-win glitch that allows players to redeploy with their loadout soon.

Image Credit: Activision