Warzone players band together to congratulate player who stopped hacker from winning

warzone hacker

Hackers are one of the biggest problems currently facing Call of Duty: Warzone, with one recent moment from the community showing how relieved players feel when they see a cheater be put in their place.

Warzone has become one of the most popular video games in the world following its 2020 release. The Call of Duty battle royale has attracted many players and is set to be a main focal point of the first-person shooter franchise from now on.

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Unfortunately, one issue that affects many multiplayer games has become a widespread problem in Warzone regarding players hacking and using various kinds of cheats to gain an unfair advantage over their opponents.

These Warzone hackers ruin the fun of everyone else playing in a match. Still, one instance of a Warzone hacker ended in defeat with a large group of players more than ready to congratulate the player who disposed of the cheater.

This particular Warzone hacker had secured a great deal from the players they had eliminated, as they were currently at a 46 kill mark in their game with 25 spectators. Hackers usually attract many spectators, as players notice their cheating ways and observe them to confirm their suspicions.

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Now, many spectators of Warzone hackers often end up seeing the cheating player win the game, considering there isn’t much a regular player can do against someone using wallhacks or aimbots. As you can imagine, it is not any fun to witness a cheating player secure the final victory.

This is why the 25 spectators watching the 46 kill hacker in community member rainisland90‘s video erupt into pure joy when the hacker they had been watching gets eliminated by another player and denied the match victory.

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The players continued the congratulations and thanks in the post-match lobby. They state their joy of seeing the cheating player get eliminated after watching them ruin the fun of so many other players in that particular match.

While the Warzone community is hoping that the hacking issue in the battle royale game gets under control soon, it is nice to see players come together and celebrate a fair playing player get the upper hand on a hacker.

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Image Credits: Activision

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