Warzone player shows off the power of underrated Smoke Grenades

Joseph Pascoulis
Warzone smoke grenade

A Warzone player has found a pretty great way of utilizing Smoke Grenades in Season 6, which some may want to incorporate into their playstyle.

The current meta in Warzone Season 6 doesn’t generally involve Smoke Grenades in player loadouts, especially as flash and stun grenades are so powerful.

Having said that, one Warzone player has put them to use, showing just how strong Smoke Grenades can be if they are used in the right way.

warzone smoke grenade

Warzone player and Reddit user awhite90 put up a post with a video in the Warzone subreddit showing off a play made with the Smoke Grenades.

The post’s caption is pretty funny, as the players asks the community whether smoke is overpowered or now: “Smoke OP ?”

The video shows the player using smoke to mask their location while peeking out of a doorway. This allows the player to pull out their Kar98k Long Arm weapon blueprint, which features a thermal scope.

The thermal scope is vital here, as it allows awhite90 to see the enemies through the smoke and take them out.

The player takes out a whole squad with this sneaky trick, which of course isn’t just because of the Smoke Grenade, but also because of some great accuracy and steady aim amplified with the smart use of the underrated piece of tactical equipment.

Some of the comments under the post are in reply to the user’s question, with some giving him all the credit rather than the Smoke Grenades: “Not OP. That’s just a good use of utility and the enemies just got outplayed. Great clip.”

Perhaps the player’s clever clip will entice others to give Smoke Grenades a go for their next session in hopes of achieving the same outcome.

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Image Credits: Raven Software / Activision