Warzone Pacific ground loot shocking players with outrageous recoil

Luca Di Marzo
MG42 Warzon Pacific recoil

Caldera may have a few surprises in store for Warzone Pacific players who are bold enough to pick up certain ground loot.

After wandering in Verdansk for almost two years, Warzone players were eager to get their hands on Caldera. The Warzone Pacific map has a lot of new areas to explore. As players continue to familiarize themselves with Caldera some interesting discoveries are bound to arise.

One of these discoveries involving Caldera’s ground loot has come to light immediately. The surprise waiting for players who picked up a ground loot MG42 is sure to have caused a bewildered chuckle from quite a few.

MG42 Vanguard and Warzone

This is a warning, stay away from the MG42 LMG. If you come across the MG42 LMG in Caldera you’re better off sticking with what you’ve got, even if that’s just a handgun. The recoil on this weapon cannot be compared to anything you’ve ever seen, to the point where watching a clip of the weapon bouncing around is quite comical.

Most Vanguard weapons have displayed more than the usual amount of CoD recoil. This was likely Raven’s way of balancing the fact that Vanguard weapons can use ten attachments. However, the result of not equipping the best attachments is clear to see in the clip below.

Although most would agree that this is simply too much recoil for any weapon to have, some are happy with the added recoil to Vanguard weapons.

Sphinx91’s comment with almost 800 upvotes on a Reddit post explains why they view this as a positive, “This is how recoil should be for someone who is f**** beaming you from across the map while bunny hopping. Shit is infuriating.” Many community members agreed with this sentiment in the comments below.

Despite your take on the MG42’s absurd recoil, one would imagine that a compromise could exist wherein recoil is reduced to a point that can’t be abused to earn cross-map kills. Perhaps an upcoming weapon balancing update will address the issue.

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Image Credits: Raven Software / Sledgehammer Games / Activision

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