Warzone Owen Gun’s TTK hit by “stealth nerf” in May 4 update

Nathan Warby
Owen Gun in Warzone

The Owen Gun is one of the most popular SMGs in Warzone Season 3, but CoD expert TrueGameData has discovered that the May 4 has hit the weapon with a huge “stealth nerf,” seriously affecting its TTK.

Warzone Season 3 came with a host of weapon balancing changes, all of which were listed in patch notes for players to see. In the May 4 update, however, Raven Software have slipped in a tweak that players were not aware of.

The Owen Gun, alongside the MP40, is one of Season 3’s most popular SMGs, but this may not be the case as the season progresses. Warzone guru TrueGameData has revealed a “stealth nerf” in the May 4 patch that could have a major impact on how it performs in-game.

Vanguard Owen Gun

In a tweet posted shortly after the May 4 patch went live, TrueGameData revealed the extent of the nerf.

He explained that the Owen Gun with its default magazine and Rapid Barrel, a popular attachment in meta builds, has seen its damage with upper body shots reduced from 50 to 49, and 35 to 34 when hitting the lower body.

Lowering each stat by one may seem like an incredibly minor adjustment. But, TrueGameData added that since the Owen Gun has a relatively low fire rate, the nerf has had a “huge” effect on its overall TTK.

Players will be relieved to hear that despite the drastic changes, he still felt that the Owen Gun is a solid option in Warzone Season 3, and fans shouldn’t abandon it altogether. He recommended running 8mm ammo to take its damage over the 50 mark, and bring it more in line with its original TTK.

Raven Software are yet to address the nerf, so it’s unclear at this time if it was a planned change or something that occurred accidentally.

It doesn’t appear that this secret change will shift the close range meta too drastically, but we’ll have to wait and how the Owen Gun behaves in matches to see if it can still compete with the other big names in its category.

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