Warzone NecroKing blueprint removed due to game-breaking bugs

Andrew Highton
cod warzone necroking ice drake

One of CoD’s most anticipated ever blueprints arrived in Warzone and was very quickly removed as the incredible NecroKing blueprint is said to cause game-breaking issues.

First introduced in 2019’s Modern Warfare, blueprints were available to players that had a favorite gun and wanted to spruce it up big time. They allow players to have early access to certain attachments and, more importantly, make the gun look cool.

The NecroKing bundle had CoD fans frothing at the lips when it was first revealed as the new Game of Thrones-inspired skin is mega-stylish. But thoughts on it have changed for the time being as the blueprint is completely bugging out people’s versions of Warzone.

cod warzone ice drake skin

Why is this skin so desirable? Because it turns the already monstrous Krig 6 into an actual ice dragon. It has a pair of boney, disheveled wings protruding from the side of the weapon, a frozen, scaley body that emits an icy essence, and the gun can fly.

The pricey bundle seems to come at a greater cost than just COD Points though as people are saying that they lose access to weapons in-game with the Ice Drake skin equipped.

One Reddit post pointed out the Ice Drake’s flaws and it led to several comments discussing the implications of buying the bundle. DX-12 said, “The whole shop is bugged for me since they added this bundle, if I scroll down it boots me from the shop.”

The problems get worse as the skin breaks in-game Warzone loadouts: “It’s completely bugged in-game too, you only have the second gun, if you put this one in loadout, you don’t have anything in-game, not even fists.”

The problems were picked up extremely quickly by Activision and as a result, the skin has been temporarily removed from the game’s store.

Furthermore, using the basic barrel on the Krig also negates the gun’s Ice Drake design. Again, Activision was privy to this problem and has offered a solution on how to remedy this.

It’s just one of those things at the moment that players will have to endure whilst the bug is fixed. As soon as the problem is sorted, we can expect an announcement from Activision, and the bundle should be back up.

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Image credits: Activision

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