Warzone Mythbusters finally reveal if games can end in a draw

Can you draw in CoD Warzone

It’s extremely rare for there to be the right circumstances for Warzone to end in a draw, so YouTube channel DefendTheHouse, known for their Mythbusters series, tested out what would happen.

Call of Duty: Warzone is currently one of the most competitive shooters on the market, with 150 players duking it out to be the last man standing. As CoD players have become savvier at battle royale games, it’s unlikely that games will ever end in a draw.

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While Warzone has given players a rare forfeit screen before, there doesn’t appear to be any recorded instances of games ending in a draw. YouTube channel DefendTheHouse has tested almost every weird and wonderful aspect of Call of Duty, and ahead of Season 4, they’ve tested if Warzone games can end in a draw.

Warzone Season 3 Gulag

DefendTheHouse explained that ping issues will make it extremely difficult to accurately create a draw scenario. To get around this, the Warzone Mythbusters used the Gulag to determine the result for them.

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By ensuring they both lost the Gulag by letting the timer run out, they would both die at the exact same time. After the timer ran out, Warzone gave the win to only one player, seemingly at random.

Because one player died before the other going into the Gulag, they recreated the test by both dying to the gas at the exact same time. However, it yielded the same result, with the same player still winning.

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From these results, the Warzone Mythbusters declared it ‘busted’ – you cannot draw in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Users in the comments suggested ways that they could improve their testing next time around. While waiting for the Gulag timer to run out, fans of the channel suggested that they should stay still and ensure equal distance from the flag. Also, Joe, who won both the games during testing, was the host. Some users suggested that this may have skewed the results.

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DefendTheHouse asked for feedback, so will likely revisit this myth if they believe it can be improved upon.

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Image Credit: Activision