Warzone High Alert perk becomes amazing counter to Dead Silence in Season 5

Warzone High Alert Perk Season 5 Dead Silence

The Dead Silence field upgrade has been a fan favorite in Warzone ever since its launch and has become a staple of many player’s loadouts. But with the Warzone Season 5 update, Raven Sofware tweaked the High Alert perk to counter it.

The Season 5 update for Warzone is here, and with it comes several big changes. Something big is on the horizon, with the patch notes hinting that the Red Doors and the introduction of Mobile Broadcast Stations will play a major role later down the line.

But as with each new season, there are also some balancing tweaks that may seem small but make a huge difference. Season 5 is no exception, as the Warzone High Alert perk is being changed to directly counter the infamous Dead Silence Field Upgrade in the coming days.

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Dead Silence has proved itself to be incredibly useful in Call of Duty since making its debut in the original Modern Warfare. The ability to masks your footsteps has been helping fans get the drop on their enemies for the better part of 14 years.

It quickly became a favorite in Warzone, where staying hidden and moving positions is more important than ever before. The added bonus of being able to move quicker also helped with sneaking to victory.

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However, there were some concerns that being able to quickly move around almost silently was slightly overpowered with no way to combat it.

Raven Software has come up with a perfect counter to Dead Silence in the form of the Warzone High Alert perk. In an upcoming change, any player with the Warzone High Alert perk equipped will hear the footsteps of enemies using the Dead Silence filed upgrade.

Previously, the Warzone High Alert perk only had the benefit of a helpful pulse to warn players that an enemy out of their site was looking their way. But with this latest update, it has become the ideal defensive perk to help players stay alive for longer when facing off against someone using Dead Silence.

The Warzone High Alert perk description in-game has already changed, but Raven Software confirmed on Twitter that while this update is on the way, it isn’t currently live.

This is just one of many tweaks heading into Warzone for Season 5. Check out our coverage of the major updates to ziplines and contracts.

Image Credit: Activision

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