Warzone Hackers spotted using Ghost Face skin ahead of The Haunting event

Joseph Pascoulis
ghost face in warzone season 6

Warzone Season 6 falls upon the spooky season of Halloween, and the new Haunting event is set to bring some familiar Horror movie villains as Operators. However, some Warzone players have been spotting the Ghost face skin in-game early.

Like any new Season, Warzone Season 6 hasn’t just brought changes to Verdansk, a new Battle Pass, and weapons. The update has also brought rise to new glitches and exploits.

Just recently, players figured out a way to get Vanguard weapons in Warzone, and now the community is reportedly seeing Ghost Face running around Verdansk before the new Operators release during the Haunting event.

Ghost face Operator in Warzone and Cold War

Reddit user Moco683 put up a post with a picture of them next to an eliminated enemy using the Warzone Ghost Face skin, stating: “Killed someone with ghost face skin.”

The Ghost Face skin isn’t supposed to be in Warzone until the Haunting event, which begins October 19.

This is still some time away, so it is no doubt surprising for some players to come across others who can already equip and use these upcoming cosmetic items in matches.

The player using this Warzone Ghost face skin has figured out some exploit that’s allowing them to use these unreleased skins in-game.

Ghost Face isn’t the only spooky Operator coming in the Season 6 Haunting event either, as Donnie Darko, a twisted bunny called Frank, will also be available. Recently their execution animations were also leaked.

While it doesn’t give these hackers an advantage, it’s still not fair for when the skins come out, as players will be purchasing them rather than cheating to get them free.

This is not the first time hackers have been able to exploit Warzone when it comes to cosmetic items, as hackers in the past hackers have created their own custom skins and made it much easier to spot a potential cheater. Now, this signal also consists of players having an unreleased Warzone Ghost Face Operator skin earlier than intended.

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Image Credits: Raven Software / Activision

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