Warzone hackers are openly mocking Raven with in-game names

Matt Porter
Warzone players running in-game

Cheating has been a constant issue in Warzone, and hackers are now openly mocking Raven Software, teasing the devs with their in-game name.

For many Warzone players, there is nothing more frustrating than running into a team of cheaters. Whether they are using aimbots or wall-hacking, these players ruin the game for everyone and make it almost impossible to win.

While fans hoped Call of Duty’s new Ricochet anti-cheat would stamp hacking out for good, it appears that some of these cheaters are still slipping through.

In fact, these players are so brash, they’re now calling out developers Raven Software and mocking them in-game.

Warzone players driving vehicles in Pacific Caldera

In a now-deleted post from u/JimShirls on the Warzone subreddit, players showed just how bold cheaters have gotten, using their in-game names to bait out Raven Software.

The post shows a picture of a team of four playing together. One of these cheaters is literally telling people what he’s up to, using the name ‘YesImHacking’ to leave no doubt, while another has Raven’s logo placed proudly in their clan tag.

According to the original poster, YesImHacking finished the game with over 30 kills, while his teammate found 40 enemies to wipe off the map.

Warzone players mocking Raven with their in-game names

Unsurprisingly, players are furious, with one claiming that “cheaters have been back for the last week,” and that “Ricochet is either not working or it can’t actually keep up with the cheaters.”

The kernel-level anti-cheat does seem to be suppressing the waves of hackers, with 48,000 bans handed out in December, and cheaters begging Raven for a second chance.

Hopefully, the battle royale’s developers will stamp down on these brazen hackers, and issue them with a perma-ban as well. For more, check out whether you need PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold to jump into Warzone Pacific.

Image Credits: Raven Software / Reddit: JimShirls

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