Warzone director explains how Perk Satchels will be a complete “game-changer”

Liam Mackay
Warzone Season 3 player fighting beside Kong's battle axe

Perk Satchels are new to Warzone Season 3, allowing players to find bonus Perks as ground loot. Raven’s Senior Creative Director Ted Timmins believes they bring some of the biggest changes to looting Warzone has ever seen. 

Warzone Pacific Season 3 brings huge changes to Caldera, overhauling the Peak POI, bringing back Iron Trials, introducing new contracts, and of course, hosting the battle between Godzilla and King Kong.

But it’s the new Perk Satchels that are set to have the biggest bearing on Warzone going forward. Speaking to CharlieIntel, Ted Timmins, Senior Creative Director at Raven Software, explained how these Perk Satchels will change the game.

warzone player fighting in season 3 gulag

Call of Duty: Warzone is a battle royale game at its core, but the introduction of Buy Stations and loadouts make it deviate from the typical BR format. Raven Software are looking to please the players who enjoy looting by introducing Perk Satchels in Season 3. 

Each of these Satchels will have one Perk inside such as Tempered, Quick Fix, or Restock. These will stack with your loadout Perks, so you don’t need to worry about picking and choosing what you pick up. 

Long-time CoD battle royale fans will be familiar with the concept, as Perks were available as ground loot in BO4’s Blackout mode. Warzone Season 3 combines Blackout’s more traditional system with the Warzone mechanics we all know. 

Raven Software‘s Ted Timmins described how Perk Satchels will shake up the gameplay loot, giving players all the more reason to keep looting once they’ve bought their loadout and have their Gas Mask, Armor Satchel, and everything else they need to secure a win. 

warzone season 3 caldera dig site POI

But it’s the individual stories that Perk Satchels create that particularly excite Timmins, where finding a Perk you don’t typically use can completely turn your game around and allow for unique strategies and moments, “and that’s something that Warzone’s never had.” This makes him believe that introducing Perk Satchels will be “a fundamental game-changer for Warzone, perhaps one of the biggest it’s ever had.” 

“I really can’t think of many looting changes that have happened that will have this level of impact on the second to second gameplay experience,” he explained. 

You can expect even more Perks to hit these Satchels throughout Season 3 and beyond, and Timmins also confirmed that you’ll see them in Rebirth Island later on. 

Timmins also teased that there will be “a ton” of Kong vs Godzilla Easter Eggs to find in Season 3, so “get hunting.”

Image Credit: Activision