Warzone devs tease removing Big Bertha trucks from Solo matches

Liam Mackay
Warzone big bertha with trophy

The Warzone community has been up in arms about Big Bertha trucks dominating BR Solos, and Raven Software has teased their removal in the Season 3 Reloaded patch notes.

Vehicles have been a contentious issue in Warzone since its release. In the early days, Cargo Trucks, or Big Berthas, were incredibly fast and easy to control, so Infinity Ward nerfed their movement speed, but they remained incredibly strong in Solo matches.

Raven Software has now taken over Warzone’s development and has been making welcome changes, bringing weapon balance to perhaps the best place its ever been, and have been engaging with the community. However, Big Bertha trucks remained a constant problem in Solos, but Raven has teased an upcoming change.

Big Bertha trucks in Warzone Solos

While vehicles are a great way of quickly navigating Verdansk ’84 and avoiding Warzone’s ever-closing ring of gas, they’re also extremely effective offensive tools, where you can run over enemies or abuse the way you can immediately exit a vehicle to get a surprise kill on unsuspecting foes.

Warzone Solos players have long been using the safety and power of the Big Bertha trucks, which many feel has ruined the mode. The final circles are often filled with more players in vehicles than on foot, with a convoy of Berthas driving in circles until only one is left standing.

It appears that change is on the horizon, as in the Warzone Season 3 Reloaded patch notes, Warzone devs teased the Big Bertha’s removal for solos. They said, “We will also be making an important adjustment to the Solo BR modes in the very near future,” and advised players to keep an eye on Twitter for more info.

Although the Cavalry Lancer barrel is now more effective against vehicles, a Bertha still takes an insane amount of bullets for a single player to destroy. This would be a welcome change, as the community and Dr Disrespect have been vocal about wishing for trucks to be removed, with the Doc recently calling Solos “a miserable mess.”

After a Twitter user asked Raven if they’re hinting at the removal of Berthas, they replied with a cheeky shushing face emoji, all but confirming this change.

As soon as we know more about this highly-anticipated change to battle royale Solo modes, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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