Warzone devs confirm Rebirth Island will stay for the rest of Season 3

Hamza Khalid
Warzone Operator aiming weapon in Rebirth Island

Raven Software have officially confirmed that Rebirth Island will remain available in the playlist leading up to the launch of Warzone Pacific Season 4.

The Warzone Pacific Season 4 update is set to bring a ton of new content, and Raven Software confirmed that operations would be temporarily halted on Rebirth Island for the new season’s launch.

The devs stated that Rebirth would return a couple of weeks after Season 4 goes live, and fans of the Alcatraz-based map were upset that the Exfiltration LTM would be the only available Rebirth playlist before the new season.

However, Raven Software have now confirmed that the map will be available for the rest of the season after all.

Rebirth Island Warzone

Warzone Pacific Season 4 will introduce the brand-new Fortune’s Keep map, and players dropping into the game before the Season 4 launch can try out a playlist featuring different game modes.

On June 20, the Warzone Pacific developers announced that the playlist leading up to the Season 4 launch has been altered, with Caldera Resurgence being replaced by Rebirth Resurgence.

Raven Software tweeted: “We’ve heard you want to end Season Three with our beloved Rebirth. We’re updating the Playlist to include all Rebirth Resurgence squad sizes – replacing Caldera Resurgence – until Season Four arrives at 9 AM PST on 6/22.”

This means that you have the opportunity to secure a few more wins in Rebirth Resurgence before Warzone Pacific Season 4 finally goes live. This change has been welcomed by players that were upset about Rebirth being unavailable.

You can also take part in the brand-new Exfiltration LTM that was added by Raven Software to help players shift from Rebirth Island to the Fortune’s Keep map. The new map will feature new content such as the Black Market Supply Run Contract.

For more Warzone content, check out our guide on Fortune’s Keep Cash Extraction along with all of the Caldera map changes in Warzone Pacific Season 4.

Image credits: Raven Software

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