Warzone & Cold War players want major change to weapon blueprint attachments

Joseph Pascoulis
Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Custom weapon blueprint

Warzone and Black Ops Cold War players aren’t happy with the way weapon blueprints work in Season 6.

Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War have entered Season 6, the final season for Cold War’s integration, as well as the beloved Verdansk map.

Although the developers have given players loads of new content to obtain, such as weapons and cosmetics, players are still not too happy with the weapon blueprint system.

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Reddit user PrO-_ToNy put up a post with their opinion on what needs to change about weapon blueprints in Warzone and Cold War: “Blueprints should retain their looks regardless of what attachment you want to equip.”

Currently, when players use weapon blueprints in Warzone and Cold War, they are forced to use the attachments the blueprint has come with. If players change any attachments, unfortunately, it affects the visual of the blueprint.

In a game like Call of Duty, especially Warzone, where attachments are vital to getting the most of out a weapon, this is a pretty big deal.

It’s a shame for players when they really like the look of a weapon blueprint, but the attachments it comes with are not competitive enough.

Using the best possible attachments for your weapon in Warzone and Cold War can be life or death, and players are really feeling as if this issue with weapon blueprints is holding the players back if they want to experience the intended version of a particular weapon blueprint.

Another Reddit user also pointed this issue out, using the PPSH Ultra weapon blueprint, which players get for pre-ordering Vanguard as an example.

In the post, roneg asks the developers, “Please, stop releasing skin/blueprints with useless attachments. The PPSH Ultra from pre-purchasing the Vanguard has been fixed/reworked, but if you use the correct/meta attachments, you lose all the visuals, so what’s the point?”

The developers obviously work hard to design and put out these detailed weapon blueprints, so one would think it would be in their interest to retain their visual aesthetic despite the attachment.

Hopefully, the developers can respond to these demands, as the feature is currently in CoD: Mobile and has been a very popular feature among the community in what would no doubt be a well-received addition to Warzone and other main Call of Duty games.

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Image Credits: Raven Software / Treyarch / Activision