Warzone 2 delivers major QOL changes: Looking for Party improvements & new Ping System

Luca Di Marzo
Warzone 2 Operators

Warzone 2 will provide sought-after QOL changes to the Looking for a Party system as well as a new and improved Ping System at launch.

Warzone 2 is set to usher in a new era for Call of Duty’s hit battle royale, and if Modern Warfare 2 is anything to go by, then Warzone 2 has a great chance of breaking its own records following its November 16 release date.

While there’s no doubt that the new Gulag, Al Mazrah map, and weapons are garnering most of the attention prior to launch, the Call of Duty team confirmed that players can expect some quality-of-life improvements to arrive with Warzone 2.

While these aren’t the most glamorous of Warzone 2 changes, they’ll result in a more cohesive gameplay experience, so let’s take a look at two important improvements.

Warzone 2 Looking for Party system changes

In Warzone 2, it should be easier than ever to find players that match your exact criteria. If you’re looking to party up with other Warzone 2 players through the Looking for Party system, you’re set to benefit from added accessibility.

The devs added the following features to the “Find a Party” option in Warzone 2:

  • In-Game Communication Style:  Voice Chat, Text Chat, Ping
  • Playstyle (Primary, Secondary): Competitive, Casual, Objectives, High Kills
  • Main Language: Select up to 3 language preferences

This allows players to set more preferences and narrow the list of options when it comes to partying up. This will ensure that players only partner up with other players that meet their exact needs when it comes to communication style, playstyle, and language.

These new Looking for Party preferences will also make their way to Modern Warfare 2 during Season 1.

How does Warzone 2’s new Ping System work?

While the Ping System that original Warzone players are familiar with will remain in Warzone 2, there will be a couple of new features to get accustomed to.

Thankfully, there’s no need to worry as you’ll still be able to quickly ping enemy players amongst other things, but Warzone 2 will introduce an in-depth Tactical Ping Wheel for those who want to improve their communication through pings.

The Tactical Ping Wheel will bring up eight different ping options that deliver custom visuals and voice lines to further communicate with your teammates.

Here are the eight unique Ping commands that are available through Warzone 2’s Tactical Ping Wheel:

  1. General Ping
  2. Attacking Here
  3. Watching Here
  4. Looting Here
  5. Regrouping Here
  6. Stay Quiet
  7. I Need Help
  8. Assimilation (DMZ) related

The new Warzone 2 Tactical Ping Wheel will be available in Battle Royale modes and DMZ.

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Image Credit: Activision