Warzone 2 players want TTK to be increased according to poll

Liam Mackay
Warzone 2 player firing rocket launcher

Warzone 2’s time to kill, or TTK, has been a controversial topic ever since the battle royale sequel arrived. After it was put to a poll, the majority of players want to see TTK increase.

While Warzone players praised the health increase brought to Caldera, they were disappointed to see that Infinity Ward never brought the beloved change over. Raven Software are in charge of Warzone 2 now, and time to kill (TTK) changes are at the top of many players’ wishlist.

With so much discussion in the community, CharlieIntel asked Warzone 2 players their thoughts, releasing a poll that asked if the TTK should be increased, decreased, or left the same.

With over 100,000 responses, 56% of Warzone 2 players voted for the time to kill to be increased, making it require more bullets to kill.

Just over 20% of players voted for it to be lowered, but it’s worth noting that there are more than a few replies sarcastically backing a faster TTK. That leaves 23% voting to keep the TTK the same, so over 75% of Warzone players have voted for change with the majority wanting an increase.

Top YouTuber JGOD replied, explaining he believes the TTK should be “tuned.” Instead of a blanket raise, he said that the close-range TTK should be slowed but long-range can be left alone as long as there are LMG nerfs.

This is only a community poll for now, so there’s no guarantee that Raven Software will increase the time to kill. However, Raven held their own TTK poll back in Vanguard Season 2 and after the community voted to increase player health to 150, they followed through.

Warzone 2 players have been praising Raven for the changes they’ve made in Season 1 Reloaded such as adding Loadout Drops to Buy Stations and making weapons cheaper. Raven made these TTK changes before, so we’ll need to wait and see what they have planned for Season 2 and beyond.

Image Credit: Activision