Warzone 2 players split over controversial Loadout Drop removal, sharing major concerns

Liam Mackay
Warzone 2 player in Al Mazrah

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 arrives on November 16, and players were shocked by Infinity Ward’s decision to remove Loadout Drops from the game. While some players were in favor of the change, there were some major concerns.

Warzone 2 was finally revealed at Call of Duty Next, with streamers dropping into the new Al Mazrah map and experiencing new gameplay changes such as the Gulag 2.0 and multiple circles. However, the news that Loadout Drops have been removed was divisive.

Now, players will have to purchase their Gunsmith weapon from ‘The Shop’ rather than collect everything they need from a Loadout Drop. They’ll need to either find or purchase their Lethal and Tactical Equipment separately, and Perks won’t be available at all.

This is a major change from the original Warzone with many players surprised and split over Infinity Ward’s decision to remove one of the game’s defining features, sharing their major concerns.

Leaker TheGhostOfHope was worried that “the lack of loadouts in WZ2.0 will result in selfish teammates.”

“There is no incentive to teamwork where you all give up your cash and get the loadout like current Warzone,” they explained. “This new system goes against the core idea of team work [in my opinion].”

Another Reddit user explained that they love Caldera’s free loadout drop because they can grab it and immediately look for a fight. “Now I’ll have to loot and loot (which looked tedious) before I have to go fight buy station campers to get my custom gun. It’s early but so far I’m not a fan.”

Many others were worried that this new system will just lead to every Buy Station getting camped, as players can’t access their favorite weapons without it.

However, not everyone was as concerned. Once the system was explained in full, streamer Repullze called the new system a “phat W (win)” and the replies were full of players glad of the changes.

Most were especially happy to see that “crutch” Perks like Combat Scout, Serpentine, and Overkill won’t be in the game and liked that you’d need to spend more to acquire two custom weapons.

The streamers playing Warzone 2 didn’t have full access to the new system, so we’ll likely need to wait until the game releases on November 16 to get a better understanding of how it changes CoD’s new battle royale.

Be sure to check out Modern Warfare 2’s gameplay yourself in the beta, as well as how the new Gunsmith system works.

Image Credit: Infinity Ward

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