Warzone 2 players furious with reload mechanic that blocks looting

Joseph Pascoulis
modern warfare 2 warzone 2 M13b reload animation

Warzone 2 players are furious with the game’s looting mechanics, as reloading prevents players from picking weapons up.

Players are continuing to get to grips with Warzone 2, with the first season of content set to get a Reloaded update on December 14.

Warzone 2 has brought a lot of change, leaving some players missing features from the original. One of the biggest changes made to the battle royale was the new Backpack looting system, which hasn’t been received too well by the community.

In the previous Warzone, players could easily pick loot up from dead bodies without any issues, but in Warzone 2, a bug has been causing Backpacks to disappear, and now players are claiming that the reloading animation takes priority when trying to loot.

Reddit user fahds2 has highlighted this issue in the Warzone subreddit, asking “Why the f we can’t pick up another gun if the mag is empty?”

In the clip, the player tries to pick up a weapon from a dead body but is unable to while reloading their weapon. It doesn’t help that the weapon they are reloading is the RAPP H LMG, which has a pretty long reload animation.

The player tries to drop their weapon instead of reloading so that they can pick up the new gun, but it’s too late, as another enemy manages to push and kill them.

This is obviously extremely frustrating and has left the player confused as to why the reloading animation takes priority over picking up new weapons.

In a situation like this, the quick thinking to pick up an enemy’s dropped weapon is much faster than reloading and would allow the player to contest the enemy pushing them. However, the game’s mechanics prevent the player from doing this.

The OP isn’t the only one who feels that players should be able to loot while reloading, as one comment passionately reads “I HATE THAT YOU CANT LOOT WHILE RELOADING.”

Perhaps the devs will introduce changes according to this player feedback, as Warzone 2 is still very early in its lifespan and the original went through countless changes since its launch.

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Image Credits: Activision