Warzone 2 players furious at constant DMZ crashes after December 16 update

Warzone 2 Operator aiming weapon

Warzone 2’s December 16 update was meant to fix major issues in the game, but players are experiencing frequent crashes in the DMZ mode following the arrival of this update patch.

When Warzone 2 launched, Call of Duty players were eager to check out all the new content in the game such as the Al Mazrah mapProximity Chat, and Escape from Tarkov-inspired DMZ mode.

However, crashing issues were frequently causing problems for players, and the developers rolled out a patch to address these on December 16. However, there are reports of constant crashes after the update.

Reddit user ‘Moggy_x’ revealed in the Warzone 2 subreddit that they’re close to giving up on DMZ because it crashes “once every four games” on their PS5, and this issue began after the latest update patch.

The Redditor wrote: “Takes two games of grinding to get my gear back, and then I crash again. We need reconnect or the ability to store gear.”

A few commenters experienced the same issue, with one player complaining about having to contend with “laser AI on top of random crashes” in DMZ. Another user stated: “I crashed twice now with M13 in my hand. F*** this game.”

One player agreed with Moggy_x’s request for the developers to bring reconnect or the ability to store gear. They explained: “Just let me reconnect. Crashing is one thing but crashing and then getting back on and everything is gone is actually game-breaking.”

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In another thread by Redditor ‘ThatHartleyKid,’ it was reported that DMZ “still has a small chance to crash with no ability to reconnect [and] now comes with random occasional FPS drops” after the December 16 update.

One commenter stated: “I thought the crashing was over until the last update and now I’ve crashed 3 times today.” Warzone 2 players were also calling for the addition of a reconnect feature in this thread.

At the time of writing, it remains to be seen if the developers will implement another update patch to fix these issues in Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded. If this happens then we’ll be sure to let you know.

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Image credits: Activision