Warzone 2 players desperate for “obvious” missing feature

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone 2 plane above al mazrah city

Warzone 2 players are desperate for a missing feature in the battle royale that would help tremendously when crashing out of games.

Since release, Warzone 2 players have been suffering from crashes and bugs which have ultimately been ruining the experience.

It’s hard to enjoy the game while also being tossed out of lobbies thanks to dev errors and other error codes, as this makes the experience extremely frustrating and even leaves players wondering if the servers are down.

Seeing as it’s a new game in its first season nobody expects everything to be perfect, but many like Dr Disrespect expect the first patch to address a lot of the game’s issues.

One feature that can somewhat solve the frustrating crashing issue is a “Rejoin Game” feature, which Reddit user aspeck95 decided to highlight in their Warzone subreddit post furiously titled “why the F**K is there no “Rejoin Game” option?”

In the post, the OP says “why Call of Duty is the ONLY GAME that doesn’t allow rejoining a previous game in progress?” Other free-to-play Battle Royale games such as Apex Legends have this feature, leaving the player confused as to why it isn’t in Warzone 2.

Clearly, the OP feels it would improve their experience with Warzone 2, saying “I crash, I reload, I rejoin. IT IS THE SIMPLEST AND MOST OBVIOUS FEATURE.” The player even calls the exclusion of this feature the “most idiotic oversight or intentional feature left out of the game.”

They aren’t the only ones who feel this way either, with many comments in agreement and even pointing out other missing features “Yeah also, play again with party after the round if you got a good random squad going. Brain dead omissions.”

Not only is the community disappointed to not see a Rejoin Game feature in Warzone 2, but they’re also not happy to see the “Play Again” button not make a return from the original Warzone.

Hopefully, these missing features will be addressed in Warzone 2’s next big updates, which are Season 1 Reloaded and Season 2, which we already have information about thanks to leaks.

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Image Credits: Activision