Warzone 2 players already prefer “beautiful” Vondel to Ashika Island

Nathan Warby
Vondel Graveyard in Warzone 2Activision

Following the arrival of Vondel in Warzone 2 Season 4, players have heaped praise on the new map, calling it “beautiful” with many even preferring it to Ashika Island.

The Warzone 2 Season 4 update was one of the biggest patches to hit the game to date, bringing a whole host of fresh content for players to tackle. On top of new weapons to try out and Battle Pass to ground through, the base health was also raised to slow down the TTK.

Arguably the biggest addition, however, was Vondel, a brand-new Resurgence map taken from Modern Warfare 2’s campaign.

Vondel has temporarily replaced Ashika Island as the only Resurgence setting in Warzone 2, and fans have welcomed the new map with open arms.

Reddit user ‘Positive_Treacle_961’ claimed that Vondel is “everything we asked for,” and that the dense streets of Amsterdam pair nicely with the increased health.

“The map is f**king beautiful, it isn’t too big and the layout doesn’t need changing,” they said in a post on the Warzone subreddit. “I’ve been crying out for a map that looks Beautiful like Fortunes keep and for them to change the ttk. They’ve done that.”

Many other players seemed to agree, praising the look and setting of Vondel, as well as its size compared to other Resurgence maps.

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“I absolutely love how Vondel feels like a medium-sized map and embraces a bit more BR style,” replied ‘OldManHips.’ “Plus it’s a vibrant Western European urban setting with very unique and interesting POIs.”

Although Ashika Island has been a popular addition since it arrived in Warzone 2 Season 2, others even mentioned that they are enjoying Vondel more than its predecessor.

“Was super apprehensive as Ashika was the only mode me and my buddies really played,” said another player. “But they improved it, definitely feels different but in a good way. If only they’d give up on Al Mazrah and redesign it similar to Vondel.”

The main sticking point that players found with Vondel was the circles, as some felt they were poorly placed in comparison to Al Mazrah and Ashika Island.

‘Obi7kenobi’ said: “My only complaint is still the horrible gas circle locations. Some games it removes 75% of the map from jump.”

Despite this minor criticism, Warzone 2 players certainly seem to be responding well to the new map. Fans will be hoping that the devs can build on the success in the Season 4 Reloaded and Season 5 updates.

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