Warzone 2 players baffled by “poor decision” to remove colored pings

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone 2 operators dropping into al mazrah

Warzone 2 has brought loads of changes to the battle royale game since launching on November 16, but some players are not happy about the change to the color of player pings.

Warzone 2 is finally here, as well as Modern Warfare 2 Season 1. With all the buffs and nerfs in the update, players are still figuring out the best weapons for Warzone 2 and getting to grips with Al Mazrah.

The game has brought loads of change to the battle royale, including a new battle pass system, Backpack looting, and even a Ping wheel.

While many would think that the community would be excited to have additional communication thanks to Proximity Chat and the new Ping wheel, unfortunately, many are unhappy with one change in particular.

In Warzone 2, player pings are no longer colored and are instead just a neutral white, which can be very difficult to see among the dense and detailed POIs of Al Mazrah.

Reddit user that1lolzguy highlighted this issue on the Warzone subreddit, questioning why the devs decided to remove “colored pings” from Warzone.

Previously, depending on which color you were assigned to in-game, your ping would be colored, allowing teammates to better understand whose and where the ping is. In the Reddit post, the OP shows what the current white-colored pings look like, compared to what colored pings could look like in Warzone 2.

Clearly many agree that the devs should revert this change and bring colored pings back, as the comments are filled with similar opinions. One comment even says, “as someone who works in UX, the designers of this game made so many poor decisions. They removed color coating from the circle merging, ground loot guns, and pings.”

Some in the community even go as far as to say that “the UI as a whole has taken massive steps back on MWII and WZ2.” Many feel these changes were “for the sake of change,” asking “if its not broken why fix it?”

Reports suggest that the MW2 UI will be undergoing changes in the future after backlash, so perhaps these issues in Warzone 2 will also be addressed.

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Image Credits: Activision

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