Warzone 2 players are actually selling M13B for real money to skip DMZ challenge

Liam Mackay
m13b assault rifle in warzone 2

Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2’s M13B Assault Rifle is notoriously difficult to unlock, and players are actually selling the weapon on eBay to help others skip the DMZ challenge.

As with every new Warzone 2 season, there are a couple of weapons that can be unlocked for free in the Battle Pass and others that are unlocked through a challenge. Usually, they’re unlocked through simple multiplayer challenges like hip-fire kills, but not Season 1’s M13B Assault Rifle.

Instead, players have to drop into Warzone 2’s DMZ mode and successfully exfil with the weapon in their inventory. It might sound simple, but you’ll have to venture into a Radiation Zone that deals damage over time, defeat the armored Chemist boss, and leave the match without getting killed by other players or AI.

The M13B challenge was only made more difficult with the November 22 update, so players are actually taking to eBay to sell the weapon for real money.

An easy way to get your hands on the weapon is to have a friend who has already unlocked the M13B drop it for you, so you can safely extract it without having to defeat the Chemist. But for players who don’t have friends that own the weapon, it turns out eBay is an option.

Warzone 2 M13B assault rifle sold on ebay

As spotted by Eurogamer, there are sellers on eBay who are offering to drop the weapon for others for around $6/£5. It’s no cost to the seller either, as they can drop an unlimited amount of M13Bs for other players.

The M13B’s unlock description says that it can be gained “through a Store Bundle or Weapon Unlock Challenge,” so you will actually be able to buy it in-game as well. However, it will likely cost more than the $6 that eBay sellers are offering.

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Image Credit: Activision