Warzone 2 expert JGOD claims new controller setting could eliminate recoil

Hamza Khalid
Warzone 2 operator aiming weapon

The Warzone 2 developers implemented a new setting to make things easier for controller users, and Call of Duty expert JGOD claims that it can eliminate your weapon’s recoil.

After a long wait, Season 1 of Warzone 2 finally went live on November 16, bringing a ton of new content for the Call of Duty community to check out, including the DMZ mode and Al Mazrah map.

The update also brought the gyro aiming setting so that players can aim more precisely when using a controller, and Warzone 2 expert JGOD feels that this could be extremely overpowered.

Gyro aiming makes use of your controller’s motion sensors so that you can aim by tilting the device. JGOD explained that using this feature will “remove the recoil to a certain extent because you can literally adjust where you are aiming to.”

JGOD’s gyro aim settings in Warzone 2

He went to settings and showed that he had the Black Ops aim assist enabled with gyro behavior set to ADS only. This allowed him to him snap from target to target with the same ease as a mouse and keyboard user.

Here are JGOD’s gyro settings in Warzone 2:

  • Target Aim Assist: On
  • Aim Assist Type: Black Ops
  • Gyro Behavior: ADS Only
  • Gravity Vector: On
  • Gyro Sensitivity Horizontal: 15
  • Gyro Sensitivity Vertical: 20
  • Gyro Horizontal Inversion: Off
  • Gyro Vertical Inversion: Off

He added that fine-tuning the gyro sensitivity setting to your preference will give you more control when aiming. While adjusting this setting, JGOD stated: “I would probably lower this significantly, and then it would allow me to have those adjustments.”

This method turned out to be effective as he was able to continuously fire the weapon at a wall without the aim being ruined by recoil. He then added: “My overall verdict on this setting is to try it. Why not?”

He suggested practicing with this setting the next time you hop into Warzone 2. JGOD himself prefers not to use gyro aiming but recommends it to other players as it can make aiming a lot easier.

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Image credits: Activision

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