Warzone 2 devs drop update to fix broken Ultimate Perks

player using item in cod warzone 2

Some of Warzone 2’s Perks have not been performing as they should, as a result, Raven Software have dropped a fix to get them working as intended.

After a relatively clean bill of health since Warzone 2 dropped, there has been the odd inconvenience cropping up in Activision’s new battle royale title lately.

Players have run into a bizarre invincibility glitch allowing players to remain immune to damage, and it’s also been discovered that some of Warzone 2’s weapons are dealing more damage than in Modern Warfare 2 for some reason.

All this aside, the state of Perks has been concerning players as many have noticed that they aren’t behaving as they should when equipped. Raven Software have now come out and addressed Perks in Warzone 2.

In a tweet on January 10, 2023, the devs said: “We’ve released a fix addressing an issue that prevented Ultimate Perks, including High Alert, from working as intended.”

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Along with the tweet, they also shared a link to Warzone’s official Trello board which described the main fix in question: “[All Platforms] High Alert Perk: We’re investigating an issue with the High Alert Perk causing the user’s screen to not pulse when in view of an enemy.”

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Warzone 2 data expert JGOD was one of the top commenters on the initial tweet and said: “Hopefully, that means all loadout perks are fixed and we don’t have to keep grabbing Default loadouts.”

Some Warzone 2 hotfixes can end up not working as intended, but a Twitter user confirmed that the hotfix has been a success: “Can confirm it’s now resolved,” @Dezmcc85 said.

Even though the tweet suggests that multiple Ultimate Perks have been revised, the Trello post indicates that it’s just High Alert for now, so we’ll have to wait and see if any others have been tweaked.

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Image Credit: Activision