Twitch Rivals $250k Warzone tournament results

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On January 21, top Call of Duty Warzone Twitch streamers competed for the lion’s share of $250,000 in the Twitch Rivals Doritos Bowl Tournament, with team UnRationaL taking home the win.

Teams of Twitch’s best Warzone streamers competed in the Twitch Rivals $250,000 Doritos Bowl Tournament on January 21. In teams of three, with huge names in the CoD Warzone scene such as Aydan, HusKerrs, and TeePee, streamers fought against each other to determine who was the best.

49 teams of competitors played in the same lobby over five matches, with eliminations and placement counting towards scores.

Games were much slower and more calculated than the typical ‘kill race’ tournaments as every player was of around equal skill. That didn’t mean players couldn’t pop-off though, as team UnRationaL won with a huge lead.

Warzone players dropping into Verdansk

Here are the final scores for the top 10 teams of the $250k Twitch Rivals Warzone Doritos Bowl Tournament.

Twitch Rivals $250K Warzone Doritos Bowl final placements

it’s_iron’s team led the way for most of the event, but team UnRationaL closed the gap going into Game Five. In this final round, UnRationaL’s team clutched up to take the win, beating out second place by a whopping 33 points.

You can check out the final placements for the top 10 teams below.

1st UnRationaL, StayFinessen, Nickool127
2ndaamerica, Med1cinee_, Royalize_94
3rdits_iron, OPMarked, yeet89
4thAydan, Blazt, Rated83
5thzColorss, Frozone, aHTracTXII78
6thPRAY3RS, NobuSpartan, bbreadman75
7thBobbyPoffGaming, chun, Pieman75
8thmrdaft, GalvanizeCOD, Enable71
9thzSmittyTV, KriiNkz, mvriiooo70
10thHusKerrs, JoeWo, Symfuhny70

The event didn’t go down smoothly, however. After streamer METZY_B was accused by several competitors of cheating during the tournament, Twitch reviewed the footage and disqualified his team, taking away their share of the prize money.

There is no confirmation that METZY_B did cheat, and 100 Thieves’ Tommey, who looked through Metzy’s PC live on stream, has since apologized for making the accusation.

With Activision Blizzard confirming they are looking at expanding the Call of Duty League by adding Warzone, we can expect to see more battle royale tournaments in this format throughout 2021 and beyond.

Image Credits: Activision / Twitch Rivals

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