TimtheTatman becomes invisible in new Warzone bug

Nicholas Sakadelis

This new Warzone bug makes you completely invisible to enemies and teammates alike.

While popular streamer “TimTheTatman” was live, he showed the community a brand new glitch that can be performed in Warzone when using loadout drops. It makes you completely invisible to other players, and as you can see in the clip, Tim was running directly at another player who did not react to his presence.

The exploit is easy to replicate, all you need to do is purchase a loadout drop then crouch where the marker is. After the loadout falls on top of you, you’ll be stuck inside – yet completely invisible. Once you get out of the crate, you’ll continue to be invisible to other players.

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While this seems daunting, there is some good news. Players are only invisible for a limited time. The bad news? This could happen at any time in one of your games, especially around loadout drop areas from enemy teams. Worse, this can happen to players who don’t even intend on performing this bug, since all you really need to do is accidentally have a loadout crate fall on you.

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There really isn’t any counter to this, and the best way of someone possibly exploiting this is saving a loadout drop for the final circle. If a player is stuck in a loadout drop, they are also immune to any damage if their body is fully stuck in the crate.

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If they are not fully in the crate, other parts of their body may be visible – so that’s the main way to counter a player doing this.