TeeP explains why Warzone 2 is “a lot easier” than the original

Liam Mackay
Warzone 2 streamer teep and al mazrah quarry poi

Former Call of Duty pro and top Warzone streamer Type ‘TeeP’ Polchow has explained why he thinks Warzone 2 is “a lot easier” than the original game.

While Warzone 2 has reinvented many of the original game’s mechanics, many believe the changes were made to close the skill gap, making it so there’s very little separating dedicated and casual players.

While TTK is an ever-going discussion, the removal of slide canceling, plating while sprinting, and Stims getting nerfed have top players believing that the game is mostly catered to the more casual player base.

With all of the changes, top streamer TeeP believes that Warzone 2 is much easier than Warzone 1, and explained why.

After a viewer asked, “is it just me, or is Warzone 1 a lot easier than Warzone 2?” the streamer replied: “It is, yes. It is not just you.”

“All the good players can’t do as much as they did Warzone 1,” explained TeeP. “So you have all the usual bots that we had in Warzone 1 but now in Warzone 2, the good players can’t do all this bullsh*t to finesse and stay alive and stim and be annoying. Now you just get your kills and there you go.”

With slide-canceling gone from the game, players are much more limited in their options when getting shot at, so TeeP finds there’s a much smaller gap between the “bots” and good players.

Without slide canceling to reset tac sprint or to quickly change direction, you’ll be a sitting duck if you try to slide out in the open. Plus, Stims no longer offer the massive speed and health boost that they did in the original game.

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Image Credit: SCUF / Activision

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