Stim glitch returns to Call of Duty Warzone for the third time

Nicholas Sakadelis

Players are abusing a stim glitch in Call of Duty Warzone to win unlimited games.

Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War’s Warzone integration has not gone well in terms of bugs. The DMR tactical rifle and Diamatti pistols still reign supreme in battle royale as bugs run rampant.

These bugs consist of wall breaches on rebirth island, players getting stuck inside of crates, and newest to the group is the return of the popular and annoying “stim glitch.”

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This glitch allows players to sit indefinitely in the gas, healing over and over, ensuring an easy win. It’s highly effective and if other players aren’t abusing the glitch, can lead to several wins in a row, as seen in the screenshot below.

As you can see, the user in question won 11 solo games in a row with zero kills in nine of those games. The damage displayed in certain games is actually damage taken vs damage dealt, due to the stat defaulting to the higher value on COD Tracker.

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In many of these games, the player healed upwards of 10,000 health while sitting idle in the gas, winning many games with no effort required. Unfortunately, the ease of performing this glitch means you will most likely eventually run into a player abusing this in your games.

Unlimited Tacticals

Now, many players refer to this glitch as the “unlimited stim” glitch. However, it’s actually an unlimited tactical grenade glitch. Players can get unlimited stuns, flashes, and decoys by doing this exploit. Since stims allow you to heal in the gas, players prefer to abuse stims.

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We won’t be detailing how to do this exploit since it’s game-breaking, but be on the lookout as players may be abusing this in your games. If you can’t locate an enemy in the final warzone circle, there’s now a chance they’re in the gas.

We’ll update if Raven releases a patch for this game-breaking exploit.