Simple Warzone XP trick unlocks gold camos insanely fast

Hamza Khalid
Assault Rifle camo in Warzone Pacific

There is a simple Warzone Pacific XP trick that you can use to farm gold camos by eliminating AFK players in Warzone’s Clash mode.

Warzone Pacific has a plethora of powerful weapons for you to use, and you can customize these with cosmetic items like weapon camos to make them look cooler when you take them out to battle.

You can access new camos and attachments by grinding XP, and while this can usually take a long while, there is a simple trick that you can use in Warzone Clash to level up and unlock camos extremely fast.

How to unlock gold camos fast in Warzone Pacific

warzone pacific operator using assault rifle

Some players leave their game on and go AFK (Away From Keyboard) to get passive XP without playing, and this Warzone Pacific trick involves taking advantage of these unmanned characters to level up fast.

In Warzone Crash, every AFK player can be found in the same area at the start of a match, and Reddit user ‘JustLawlyOnTwitch’ showed how they were able to rack up a large amount of XP by eliminating them.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Load into a game of Warzone Crash
  2. Get close to where the AFK enemies are on the map
  3. Take out the AFK enemies
  4. Use the Tactical Insertion to go back to the enemy side and repeat this process

Over the course of a single game, the Redditor was able to rack up 104 kills for a match total of 83,936 XP. They then described this method of leveling up as the “fastest way to unlock gold camo.”

While you’re not guaranteed to find AFK accounts in every game, these players typically auto-join the matchmaking queue after one Clash game ends, and you can take them out to rack up all the XP needed to unlock some neat weapon camos.

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Image Credits: Raven Software / Activision

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