Sgt. Griggs Bundle added to Modern Warfare and Warzone

The Sgt. Griggs bundle has been added to Modern Warfare and Warzone.

The new bundle includes Sgt. Griggs himself, two tracer round weapons, a knife, finishing move, and weapon charms/stickers.

M4A1 – War Pig Blueprint

The M4A1 “War Pig” blueprint includes the new Crimson & Gold Tracer rounds. The rounds are have a red and gold effect and also feature Dismemberment capabilities, tearing enemy players into pieces upon landing a finishing blow to the head or limb. The weapon itself is well equipped for Ground War lobbies, and could even make a good Warzone weapon if you swap the stock with a Monolithic Suppressor.

MP5 – Ultimatum Blueprint

This MP5 “Ultimatum” blueprint is one of the few MP5 tracer blueprints currently in Modern Warfare. The blueprint also comes with the Crimson & Gold Tracer + Dismemberment effects the War Pig blueprint includes. You can preview the tracers at the 7:42 mark in this video by KARNAGE Hero.

Finishing Move

Griggs’ Bundle also comes with a unique finishing move you can use on opponents. He has a total of 3 different moves that can be triggered.

Video – ShawnJ Gaming

Additional “No Place Like Home” Bundle Added

Also added in this update was a Mara Bundle added to “The Land of Oz Collection”. The pack has several skins and nods to the Wizard Of Oz movies and features 2 tracer weapons.

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Kilo 141 – Homecoming Blueprint

Aside from the new Crimson & Gold tracers, Griggs features in his pack, Mara’s pack features the new Emerald Tracers and a decorative Kilo 141 (that could also be used as a Warzone loadout).

Renetti – BOQ Blueprint

The BOQ renetti also features Mara’s Emerald Tracer rounds. Unfortunately, these tracers do not include the dismemberment perk. You can preview the tracer rounds in this video by TheOceaneOpz.

It appears these will be the final drops of the Modern Warfare year before Black Ops Cold War releases this Friday. More packs will be coming to Modern Warfare and Warzone, with some packs having use in both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone in Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War.