Secret Warzone buff makes vehicles impossible to destroy

Warzone Operator driving a vehicle

Warzone Pacific players have reported that vehicles are now impossible to destroy after the March 2 update brought a secret buff to their health and damage. 

Raven Software released a new Warzone Pacific update on March 2 to implement changes like fixing the overpowered Bren barrelincreasing Vanguard Royale health, and bringing UAVs back to Buy Stations.

While many of these changes are welcome, Warzone Pacific players have reported that the update brought a secret buff that has completely broken vehicle health, making them effectively impossible to destroy.

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Warzone Operator running in Caldera

Reddit user ‘fletchthe2nd‘ highlighted this change in the CoD Warzone subreddit, claiming that they needed to use “6 rockets, 2 C4 [and] 5 LMG rounds” in order to destroy a single helicopter.

Previously, you could destroy helicopters with just one C4 or an accurate rocket shot, so this led to the Redditor asking: “I know they buffed player health but what is going on with the vehicle damage since the update?”

A few of the commenters in the thread shared similar experiences with vehicles taking longer than usual to destroy. One user wrote: “I posted a clip of this too where I blew up two C4s on my car and it didn’t do anything to it.”

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Another commenter stated: “I put 240 rounds from a Bren into a truck the other day. It started smoking. Bouncing Betties don’t blow up vehicles anymore either. Just damage markers. This is another silent buff.”

While many players in the thread were understandably frustrated by the fact that certain vehicles are seemingly impossible to destroy, others were amused and joked about the situation. One user sarcastically wrote: “Another 86 rounds to finish it off.”

Raven Software have yet to respond to these vehicle health changes, but if players keep reporting vehicles that are impossible to destroy then we might see this issue patched in a new update soon.

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Image Credit: Activision