Raven Software investigating Warzone crashes on Xbox One

Liam Mackay
Warzone Xbox One crashes

Xbox One Warzone players have been experiencing repeated “Memory Error” crashes in Season 3, and Raven Software has confirmed they’re investigating the issue.

In a surprise Warzone update on May 27, Raven Software finally nerfed Big Bertha trucks in BR Solos, further tweaked the CR-56 AMAX, and gave a significant overhaul to Cold War’s scopes. However, the excitement has somewhat been stifled for Xbox One players as they’ve received repeated crashes since the update.

Either just before or during a match of Warzone, Xbox One players are seeing the “Memory Error” crash and have been booted back to the dashboard and have even reported their Xbox has been turned off. Raven Software confirmed they are investigating the issue.

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In a tweet on May 27, Warzone’s developers said, “We are investigating an issue in Warzone where some Xbox One users may experience a Memory Error crash during gameplay or after finishing a match.”

They accompanied this tweet with a link to their official Trello board, which lets players track all of the known bugs and issues the dev team is working on. Attached to the card are labels stating that the issue is being investigated but “Requires Feedback.”

Raven should be quick to implement a fix for the issue, as players have called the game “unplayable right now.” Twitter user BeasleyB12, who plays on Xbox One S, said, “I have been kicked to the Home Screen or my Xbox has crashed in 5 of 7 Warzone games tonight.”

Although the issue appears to have ramped up after the update, players have reported that this issue has been ongoing for several weeks. Another Xbox One Warzone player, Lauren Machin, said that they cannot get into any games of Verdnask as it “either kicks me out before the game or a minute into a game. It switches my Xbox off! Or takes me back to my home screen.”

With Warzone seeing significant updates weekly, expect the Xbox One’s Memory Error crashes to be solved in the next update.

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